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Incidentally, we have been pretty lucky over the years since our inception…

At least if one listens to those who never thought much of COMPASS INDIA INC. or the Compass Principles, especially since we keep advancing and enhancing it and incidentally, at quite a rapid pace. Perhaps it simply doesn’t fit in their big picture that a small company which promotes private customized tours on the internet can be so successful. Everyone thought it was easy and copied our internet content at will, hired our people, tried to use the same class of vehicles, offered the same hotels and still today even our “Company Profile” is copied “word to word”. Finally every one of them accepts that we have been lucky. 

But COMPASS INDIA INC. doesn’t simply promote tours. We are more...much more...and Compass is different…

The Compass Principles is our magna carta. It is based on values and philosophies that together create our added value. Compass Principles is about a Company that knows size isn’t everything. 

It’s also about a company that consistently goes its own way.

- In travel awards functions because we don’t think too highly about quarterly reports and accordingly, don’t participate in any competition and don’t publish any statistical reports.

- In public life because we not only decline subsidies but we even challenge them out of principle. All taxes and levies are paid and in advance.

- In the travel industry because the little known COMPASS dares to acquire a substantial share of the business from the travel giants in order to establish the right travel code over time.

- In society as a whole because – despite our exclusive tours – social acceptance is paramount to us. We wholeheartedly support and manage “schools in villages” and “Women empowerment” organizations operating out of India.

- On the labour market, because to secure our long term success we don’t eliminate jobs but we secure and create them.

- On the business base issue because we are committed to the Indian subcontinent and are constant reminder to others that one can succeed here too – with the “travel in India” and with the “Indian Company Cachet”, and because of it.

- On our customer issue, because we are committed to make their tours value for the money they spent.

- On traveling in India because not only do we empathize all the time with our guests we also make the tours more memorable. A 35% “repeat and referral” which incidentally is highest in the industry speaks for itself.


The Compass Principles is a matter of our own standards - faith in our virtues.

We have very definite ideas of how we design and handle the tours. In addition to maximum cost effectiveness they must comply with the high demands that we and our customers/guests have come to expect of world class companies. What counts here is not only quality, comfort, knowledge, service and safety but also fascination about the country and passion for travel.

All of the above are equally important. So important that we integrate our service providers like the hotels, transporter, local associates and airlines in the development process of the tour designs. We demand a lot from them because we demand a lot from ourselves. And believe in partnership.

The Compass Principles is also about responsibility – to our guests and to our own heritage.
We never forget our origins. They are rooted in our culture and history. We endeavor to help the people of the land who we think are the most important in the whole frame of “THE TOUR”.

The Compass Principles is about DAVID principle – though we are a small company but we are not intimidated by the GOLIATHS in the industry.

We are independent and small in size but these reasons were never good enough for us to become the fastest growing privately owned Indian travel company in so less a time. We are also proud to be the most travel oriented travel company and the most profitable both for our guests and us. COMPASS started out as an internet based company and still our base is the internet but we have refused to become a “call centre type travel company” offering a lot of services. We are still an INBOUND TRAVEL COMPANY.  

Incidentally, we are well aware that Compass is different…different is better…and that’s what keeps us


Nevertheless, even though we are standing tall, we are constantly in motion. True - we are small but because Compass India Inc. knows no upward limits. Hence, the question; what is the source of this optimism, the faith in our Compass Principles?

The answer is simple.

We never forget our roots and the needs of our guests.

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