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Google does help in researching but designing a tour plan is something only a specialist can do. That is why our team of experts carefully designed some of the most popular itineraries, added some exotic destinations to them and made them absolutely ideal.

If you couldn't find a tour that you would want to take then select from our great collection of tours. Whether you're an art enthusiast, a wildlife lover, a history student or just plain curious about India. there's one for everyone. And if after going through these itineraries you still can't find your kind of a tour (although that is highly unlikely) write to us about the destinations you'd like to add / change and we'll get back to you with your dream vacation, customized just for you.

Tiger Holiday Tours, Bandhavgarh

The Jungle Calls

14 Days

A vacation can be relaxing and exciting at the same time especially when one gets to spend it in the jungle. This particular tour will catch the fancy of all those naturalists, conservationists, environmentalists and nature ......

Sketch Itinerary : Delhi, Bhopal, Sanchi , Bhimbetka , Satpura National Park , Pench , Kanha , Bandhavgarh , Khajuraho , Orchha , Jhansi , Delhi.

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Himalaya Tour With Amritsar & Chandigarh

15 Days

In case you wish to visit the most beautiful destinations in the north of India, especially the hill stations - all in a fortnight well then this is the perfect tour plan for you. You tour begins at Delhi, the capital of the country moving on to Amritsar. ......

Sketch Itinerary : Leh, Chumathang , Tsomoriri , Korzok , Puga, Tsokar , Tanglangla , Khardongla , Leh

India Holiday Tour

Himalaya Tour With Amritsar, Haridwar & Chandigarh

18 Days

Let yourselves loose for 18 days when you visit the charming hill stations in the north of the country and the magical towns of Haridwar and Rishikesh. ......

Sketch Itinerary : DelhI, Amritsar, Dalhousie, Dharamshala, Manali, Shimla, Chandigarh, Delhi

Ledakh Tour packages

Ladakh With Tsomoriri Lake

8 Days

The striking place with snow clipped peaks, blue water lakes, and barren terrain and pleasing alpines- yes this is Ladakh. One of the most loved trekking destinations Ladakh is famous for giving birth to so many gorgeous lake. ......

Sketch Itinerary : Leh, Chumathang , Tsomoriri , Korzok , Puga, Tsokar , Tanglangla , Khardongla , Leh

Rajasthan Tour Packages

Rural & Rustic Rajasthan Tour

23 Days

Magnificent RAJASTHAN is abundant in historic palaces, temples, fortresses, sanctuaries, great scenic beauty and rich cultural heritage. We show you everything in Rajasthan there is to see and you’ll know just why the state attracts so many tourists from across the world......

Sketch Itinerary : Delhi, Pachewar , Bundi , Chittaurgarh , Udaipur , Jojawar, Kumbhalgarh , Ranakpur , Siana, Jaisalmer , Osiyan , Jodhpur, Chandelao, Pushkar , Jaipur , Agra , Delhi

Indian Holiday Packages

Rajasthan Reflection with Varanasi & Khajuraho

19 Days

For scholars and lovers of art and culture this vacation is like a dream come true. A trip to the ancient Hindu temples in the Holy City of Varanasi will give you a colourful glimpse of how your journey will unfold in Mystic India. The city of Aurangabad - the gateway to the ancient rock-hewn caves of Ajanta and Ellora.......

Sketch Itinerary : Delhi, Varanasi, Khajuraho, Jhansi, Agra, Ranthambhore, Jaipur, Udaipur, Aurangabad, Mumbai

Goa Tour Packages

Temple Architecture with Pink City & Goa Unwind

21 Days

As the name suggests, the tour gives you the best of India to explore – like AGRA, Khajuraho and AMRITSAR. Amritsar, with its famous GOLDEN TEMPLE, is the birthplace of Sikhism, the fifth largest organized religion in the world. The other destinations include Jaipur- capital of the state of RAJASTHAN, a romantic realm of resplendent palaces, mighty fortresses and regal Maharajas......
Sketch Itinerary : Delhi, Amritsar, Jaipur, Agra, Jhansi, Khajuraho, Varanasi, Goa, Mumbai

Wildlife Tour Packages

Exclusive Wildlife Tour of Central India

14 Days

The Exclusive Wildlife Tour of Central India is a delight for all wildlife enthusiasts. The journey includes safaris in several national parks, the first being in PENCH, which is renowned for bird watching and wild dogs. This National Park is dominated by dense forests, but the water bodies inside the park act as an attraction to a variety of 210 birds. In Bandhavgarh you can enjoy elephant-back safaris. ......
Sketch Itinerary : Delhi, Nagpur, Pench, Kanha, Bandavgarh, Panna, Khajuraho

Maharaja Palaces & Regal Residences Escape

28 Days

The northern part of the country is picturesque like no other, not just because of its natural beauty, but because of the infinite tourist attractions this region is like a pot of honey for the swarms of tourists who rush in every year to get a glimpse of these famous sites. Other than the “must to be visited” Rajasthan, we also take you to the city of the TAJ MAHAL, the Exotic temples of KHAJURAHO .....

Sketch Itinerary : Delhi, Bagdogra, Darjeeling, Bagdogra, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Rawla Bhenswara, Rohetgarh, Mount Abu, Udaipur, Ajmer, Pushkar, Jaipur, Agra, Gwalior, Jhansi, Khajuraho, Varanasi

India Nepal Tour Packages

India & Nepal Highlights

20 Days

The fabulously fascinating India & Nepal Tour will let you experience not only a mesmerizing tour of India but also of the birthplace of Lord Buddha - Nepal. Your trip begins in the Indian capital –Delhi, further on to UDAIPUR and moving on to one enthralling destination from another, to the city of the TAJ MAHAL– Agra, where you can enjoy your stay at the famous AMARVILAS. And we will ensure.......

Sketch Itinerary : Delhi, Udaipur, Jaipur, Ranthambhore, Agra, Jhansi, Khajuraho, Varanasi, Pokhara, Katmandu, Delhi

Nepal Trekking

Nepal Trekking Tour

5 Days

Nepal invites, welcomes, charms and bewilders every visitor. That is exactly why we couldn’t help but design a tour that takes you through the beautiful country. But however easy, moderate, or strenuous, there is something for every palate that goes with trekking in Nepal's hills, mountains and hinterlands, the most rewarding way to experience Nepal's indomitable combination of natural .......

Sketch Itinerary :Kathmandu, Pokhara, Phedi, Dhampus, Sarangkot

Kerala with Southern Splendour

30 Days

Kerala, a state in south India, has not been called one of the ten paradises of the world for no reason, and in this tour you will experience all the reasons for the state being such a favourite among tourists. Journey through the backwaters of Alleppey and COCHIN, to the wild elephants and tigers of Thekkady, deep in the cardamom hills and dropping down to the journey on to MYSORE......

Sketch Itinerary : Bangalore, Mysore, Ooty, Cochin, Munnar, Alleppey, Kovalam, Kanyakumari , Trivandrum, Thekkady, Kodaikanal, Madurai, Trichy, Tanjore , Pondicherry, Mahabalipuram, Chennai , Delhi, Mumbai

Spa Indulgence at Ananda in the Himalayas

18 Days

The ancient Indian science of Ayurveda attracts many tourists to the mystical country of India.
Swirled in the sacred mists of time, nestled in the Himalayas is Ananda, a world class Destination Spa. It is not just a retreat that will leave you breathless with the enchantment of its surroundings, but assists in redefining lifestyles to include the well-known traditional Indian wellness regimes of Ayurveda ......

Sketch Itinerary : Delhi, Haridwar, Ananda, Haridwar, Delhi

Indian Grandeur Tour

20 Days

India Grandeur Tour is a delightful journey of magnificent destinations, the erstwhile birthplace of art and literature – Kolkata and also a visit to the fascinating  TAJ MAHAL. The tour starts with sightseeing in Delhi, peeps into the Exotic temples of KHAJURAHO, further to the City of Nawabs - Lucknow, then to BHUBANESHWAR, a place known.....

Sketch Itinerary : Delhi, Agra, Jhansi, Varanasi, Lucknow, Delhi, Bhubaneshwar, Calcutta, Bagdogra, Darjeeling

North India cultural Tours

The Majestic Temples & Palaces Tour

12 Days

The Majestic Temples & Palaces Tour will leave you drenched in the quintessential colours of our ancient civilization. The ancient Hindu and Jain temples and the Buddhist stupas at VARANASI, one of the oldest cities in the world, will leave you awestruck; on the other hand your senses will be overwhelmed by the architectural brilliance and the scenic beauty of the royal palaces .....

Sketch Itinerary : Delhi, Varanasi, Khajuraho, Orchha, Jhansi, Agra, Jaipur, Udaipur, Delhi

Gateway of India

Luxurious & Exclusive India Vacation

23 Days

For those who are used to pleasures out of the ordinary, this tour is the perfect choice. The urbane city of Delhi is the perfect introduction to the composite culture of an ancient land and a window to the kaleidoscope - that is India. This tour offers you only the exclusive, like the RANTHAMBHORE Tiger Reserve, known as "The land of the Tiger,”......

Sketch Itinerary :Delhi, Jaipur, Ranthambhore, Agra, Orchha, Khajuraho , Bandhavgarh, Kanha, Nagpur, Mumbai, Goa

Royalty Pride & Valour

26 Days

Magnificent RAJASTHAN is abundant in historic palaces, temples, fortresses, sanctuaries, great scenic beauty and rich cultural heritage. We show you everything in Rajasthan there is to see and you’ll know just why the state attracts so many tourists from across ......

Sketch Itinerary : Delhi, Agra,  Bharatpur,  Jaipur,  Pushkar,  Ranthambhore,  Bundi,  Kota,  Deogarh,  Udaipur,  Mount Abu,  Ranakpur,  Rohetgarh,  Jodhpur,  Khimsar,  Jaisalmer,  Bikaner,  Mandawa,  Delhi

Golden Triangle & Ayurveda

15 Days

When visiting a multicultural and fascinating country like India, from as far as a different continent, you do not want to see just one nook and cranny of the country but its numerous colourful aspects. And this itinerary is tailor-made to give you precisely that experience. The journey unfolds with a sight seeing tour of our badges of pride – the finest examples of architectural genius ......

Sketch Itinerary : Delhi, Agra, Ranthambhore, Jaipur, Trivandrum, Kovalam, Kanyakumari

Cultural India Tour

Classical & Cultural India Tour

19 Days

India is perceived as the magical land of snake charmers, flying carpets, mystic gurus and a gazillion forts. Well, if this be your perception too then the Classical & Cultural India Tour is a must for you. Join your palms together for your trip begins by a visit to the temples and shrines along the banks of the Ganges ......

Sketch Itinerary : Delhi,  Varanasi,  Khajuraho,  Orchha,  Gwalior,  Agra,  Fatehpur Sikri,  Jaipur,  Chhatra Sagar,  Deogarh,  Udaipur,  Jodhpur,  Jaisalmer,  Delhi

Indian Wilderness & Civilization

21 Days

India is a country culturally so enriched that almost every tourist demands to experience its culture first hand as his fundamental right! And if you have the same requests then look no further, for this tour will give exactly that. Your journey in the country begins at its capital Delhi and takes you further on to the desert state of Rajasthan for a sight seeing tour of the princely palaces and fortresses ......

Sketch Itinerary : Delhi, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaipur, Ranthambhore, Bharatpur, Agra, Khajuraho, Bandhavgarh, Kanha, Nagpur, Delhi

Taj Tigers & Tradition

13 Days

For the traveller whose first love is architecture, wildlife being a close second, we recommend our Taj, Tigers & Tradition Tour. The journey begins in the capital of India, DELHI, which you may think is all cosmopolitan and no culture but a sight–seeing tour of the city will change your opinion. The white marble marvel – The Taj Mahal, will mesmerise you no end and catering to your artistic thirst......

Sketch Itinerary : Delhi, Agra, Ranthambhore, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Delhi

The Great Indian Getaway

21 Days

This itinerary is one for the leisure loving traveller, a fascinating journey through the length and breadth of the country, beginning in the Bollywood city-MUMBAI. No leisurely tour is complete without a visit to the breathtakingly exquisite TAJ MAHAL, and neither is this. AURANGABAD, commonly used as a base for a visit to the World Heritage Sites of AJANTA and ELLORA,....

Sketch Itinerary : Mumbai, Cochin, Aurangabad, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Agra, Jhansi, Khajuraho, Varanasi, Delhi

Stupa, Nepal

India , Nepal & Bhutan

27 Days

No great explorer discovered a region in just a fortnight. Precisely why we designed a 27 day magnificent trip to the Indian subcontinent with Bhutan and Nepal included to help you bring out that inner ‘explorer’ in you. Very clichéd? Read on.....

Sketch Itinerary : Delhi, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Agra, Gwalior, Jhansi, Khajuraho, Varanasi, Kathmandu, Pokhara, Kathmandu, Paro, Phunakha, Bhumthang, Thimpu, Paro

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